Common Artwork Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Custom Water Bottles

It is a very common saying that the first impressions are the best impressions and this is same that goes while the creation of water bottles with custom labels for the purpose of marketing and business promotion. You should remember that the competition is extremely high in the market and if you make a single mistake, you will fall behind the other competitors.

Thus, you should try your best to avoid some of the most common artwork mistakes at the time of making the custom labels for the water bottles.

Missing Font at the Printer

  • The printing has become mostly digital over the past few years, and you might not be able to get the font that you have selected for the custom labels.
  • It is important to know the fonts available and then go for deciding the fonts for the purpose of

Mistakes in Spellings or Typos

  • Spelling mistakes are very common while printing the labels and it should be strictly avoided at any cost.
  • It is essential to proofread all the writings before finally printing matter for the labels.

Sizing Should be Taken Care

  • The size of the artwork and the size of the label should be appropriate, and a mismatch should be avoided.
  • Care should be taken that the most appropriate artwork should be done for the labels to create a perfect match.

No Mismatch in Colour

  • If you are using different printers while printing the labels, the shades of color might be different which is to be avoided.
  • The difference in color creates a negative impression of the brand.